Simplify and automate payments between bank accounts with our white-labeled API for ACH & Wire payments. With multiple layers of customization, you have the freedom to implement payments as they work best for you. Go live with domestic or international payments at highly competitive rates.
Facilitator Fees
Use our facilitator fee feature to get paid per transaction.
Scheduled Payments
Schedule one-time or recurring payments.
Status Updates
Stay updated on transactions & automate back-end operations with webhooks.
Faster Payments
Speed up your payments with faster settlement times.
How it Works
Create ACH, Wire or intra Synapse transactions all with one API call.
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "X-SP-GATEWAY: id|secret" \
-H "X-SP-USER-IP: ip" \
-H "X-SP-USER: oauth|fp" \
-d  '{
       "to" : {
           "type" : "ACH-US",
            "id" : "node_id"
         "amount" : {
              "amount" : 1000.0,
              "currency" : "USD"

}' “”
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