risk mitigation

There is no silver bullet when it comes to eliminating risk. However, we do our best to reduce the risk of bad actors & bad transactions on your platform with identity verification & screening services.
Filter Transactions
Screen customers & transactions for risk. Automatically flag suspicious activity.
Verify accounts
Verify account ownership with online logins or micro-deposits.
Custom CIP
Build an industry specific Customer Identification Program (CIP) to mitigate your financial risk.
Reduce NSFs
With online logins, gain visibility into available funds before transfer & reduce insufficient funds returns.
Our Technology
Sherlock is a cluster of various data aggregation services. Just like Sherlock Holmes, our Sherlock uses deductive reasoning to find information on individuals and entities across the web.
Newton is a state of the art machine learning tool which utilizes regression, computer vision, & text recognition among other tools to augment and empower humans in making decisions around any banking service.
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